How To Network Better

Networking both offline and online is very important in the business world. These days, building an online network is where it’s at because of the dividends it pays. Furthermore, there are tools and resources available to you that give you a bigger reach and can help you build that network much more quickly. Learning how to network with other business professionals in your niche, outside your niche and with your targeted customer base is important.

how to network

Conversion Rates

With online anonymity in play, people sometimes get a little lax with building their network. You really want to ero in on building personal connections that are genuine. If you are too loose about building online relationships with potential customers and other business professionals, you’re going to end up with conversion rates that are disappointing across the board.

Your conversion rates for sales will be lackluster, and your social media interaction won’t be what you’re looking for either. When it comes to social media, you might want to consider launching campaigns to help you get networked with more people. Social media works like a domino effect. You get some attention, and your posts are subsequently put in front of more people.

Quality Content

The same thing goes with the content you post to your site. Consistently build a solid network, and you will eventually see lift-off. As your site and your social media profiles get attention, there is going to be interaction. You are going to want to do more than just post and manage your site and accounts. You are going to have to listen and respond.

Listening to your network and responding is how you fully interact with the public as a site owner. Moreover, you can collaborate with people, learn from them, get fresh ideas and more. It was mentioned that you are going to want to network with people outside of your business niche. That is true, and you just want to be sure you’re making an effort to connect with people who want to genuinely network with you.

Social Media

There is quite a lot of social media fluff going on out there. People buy followers, likes and whatnot. That’s not really the approach that you want to take. You want to be yourself, and you want to make sure that you are working on gaining genuine followers and people to network with based on what you actually have to offer.

Be yourself. If you don’t get a lot of people wanting to network right away, it’s not you. It’s just presentation. People often don’t want to learn the rules of presentation when it comes to posting content and managing sites and accounts online. They instead want to take a shortcut because they see a brick wall and think there must be some easier way.

Be Yourself

They also make sacrifices sometimes that take them away from being themselves online. You don’t want to do that. You just need to focus your efforts on learning how to post content and interact with everyone. One thing you don’t want to do is always focus on selling to people. Instead, you want to fill a need.

If you are providing information that is helpful to people, you’re going to get interest. You want people to pay attention to what you have to say, and you are running a business, yes. But you have to realize that being a business owner and site owner is all about helping the public. Remember, you are filling a need.

Email Marketing

You might also want to consider keeping up with your network by email and not just social media. Those email marketing campaigns are highly effective, and many top Internet marketers use them these days. If you haven’t been building an email marketing campaign, now is the time. You can build up a huge list gradually, one piece at a time.

People that register or sign up for your emails are going to be interested in what you have to say. They might even share the content via social media. That being said, when learning how to network, you’re going to find out quickly that it’s all about crossing over between platforms and interconnecting everything.


In order to connect everything up, you’re really going to have to focus on branding. You certainly can’t convince everyone out there to sign up for your email marketing campaign, visit your website consistently and follow you across all social media accounts. Some of them will, but you get the idea.

What you can do, however, is focus on branding so that you’re easy to find across all platforms. This will encourage people who identify with your brand to really engage with you on more levels than just one. You are also going to have to give them a reason to do that.

That’s why posting informative content of all types if so important. If you make sure that you post content that is truly engaging and helps people, they are going to pay attention. Of course, it’s more than just about the ‘what.’ In order to get eyes on what you’re posting on your site for example, SEO is also important.

Similar Interests

One of the most simple rules when learning how to network is to find people with similar interests. You’re certainly wanting to do that when you are trying to find customers. So you want to think about that when networking with other business professionals. Focus on those interests, and you will start to make some really valuable connections.

Don’t just focus on how those connections can help you. You may be reading that thinking that you would never look at the situation that way. However, we are sometimes very selfish people if we are honest with ourselves. Therefore, let’s all take a humility pill together and realize for a moment that we’re in business to help others.

The demands of running a business for profit can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Sometimes it’s hard to take the time out to think outside the realm of just ticking another box for your business. To tick all of those boxes, you’re going to have to think outside the box.


One good example is providing a written piece for someone else’s blog. That is an action that provides you with immediate help in terms of networking and targeting customers, too. Yet it is a good example of an action that many site owners don’t want to take the time to do. It’s all about building those links, and people fail to recognize the importance of thinking outside the box to get those links.

Posting to someone else’s blog was mentioned, but do you have one of your own? If you have a site without a blog, you’re missing out. A blog allows you to post extra content pertaining to your niche, and that content can have a more informal tone, putting people at ease. They will come to your blog to get information.

When learning how to network, you are definitely going to find out that you need a blog. That extra content helps build you up as an authority within your business niche. The authority in turn builds your brand, and you will find that more and more people want to network with you.

The follow-up is also important on all levels. It was already mentioned that you want to follow up on social media posts. You are going to want to be sure you follow up on emails, too. You want to be sure that you are paying attention to the conversations you start when networking across the board.

When learning about networking in person, one tip you will often hear is to smile. Online, your smiling face may not be right there for people to see, but you can certainly post content in a positive tone. Tone matters on so many levels when it comes to connecting with people online.

You also want to be sure that you don’t completely take over when you are in conversations with people. Allow people to speak, listen and learn from them, and you will find that you have much better working relationships online. That is how the world of business works.

Don’t be shortsighted thinking that you can build a business by just telling people what you’ve got. It’s about taking on your business with passion and sharing that passion with the world. In order to do that, you have to carry that passion in the form of helping people. You want to help others, and you are going to figure out a way to do that with your business model.

You can’t simply sell them what you’ve got. You can’t just go through the motions using resources available to you in order to network with people. You’re going to have to really get down to the nitty gritty and start filling those needs. Think about how you can grow your network based off of what you’ve just read. It’s time to take things up a notch and extend your reach.