Top Ways To Make Money Online

With the dawn of the Internet, people began seeking ways to make money online. There are many great ways a person can make money online and some are even working full time online to earn a living.

Online Surveys

There are many great websites that pay you to take surveys. Find several of these and sign up. You may wish to have a separate email account for this as it will generate a lot of emails from advertisers.

Freelance Writing To Make Money Online

If you’re good at writing, have a story to tell or simply enjoy helping others you may wish to consider freelance writing. There are many ways to go about it and you can even set up your own website and take orders.

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If you’re good at anything, you can tutor others online. Consider educational skills such as math, English grammar and other skills that students are always requiring help with.

Make YouTube Videos

Make your own YouTube videos and get a following. You can make videos on any how-to genre or other genre’s and get a good following. Advertisers will pay you to advertise on your videos too.

Design And Create Websites

If you’ve been able to master the art of designing and creating your own website, perhaps you’d like to try making them for others. Webmasters earn a lot of money and can make all sorts of great websites come to life. Charge clients a monthly maintenance fee after you’ve designed and created the website.

Design And Create Blogs

By the same token, you can also design and create blogs. While these are slightly different than websites, they’re still a need. Post a weekly or daily blog post for your client and charge a nominal maintenance fee after you’ve got the blog all set up for them.

Affiliate Marketing

Become an affiliate marketer and sell things for the affiliate market. You will get a percentage each and every time someone purchases their products from you. The best part is that once they’ve purchased the product, you don’t have to ship it out, the affiliate marketing company does that for you.

Write An Ebook

Perhaps you have a story to tell. A funny incident from your childhood, a serious story with a good or sad ending. Whatever it is, write it and turn it into an ebook and sell it. You’ll earn a profit each and everytime someone purchases a copy of your ebook.

Write A Series

If you have an idea for a series, write it out in two to six novels or more. You’ll be able to market these easily and sell them. Remember, if you do a series you will have repeat customers who wish to find out what happened at the cliffhanger at the end of the first book.

Become A Life Coach

If people are always coming to you for advice, perhaps it’s time you became a life coach. Take a few courses and get certified and set up your own website. You can complement this with your own ebooks, videos, video chats, one-on-one coaching sessions and more.

Design, Build And Sell Software Programs

Many people have great ideas for software, but no clue how to implement it. If someone has an idea and comes to you and you can do it, you’re in business.

Troubleshoot Computer And Printer Issues

Friends and family ask you lots of computer questions? Turn it into a job. Charge an hourly fee for troubleshooting computers and printers. If you can’t do it online or over the phone, then charge more for an in-house visit.

Troubleshoot Websites And Blogs

The same goes for troubleshooting websites and blogs. People are always in need of minor maintenance issues online. Offer your services for a nominal fee. One lady earned a living by finding errors on blogs and websites and emailing the webmaster her services. She charged a nominal fee and had repeat customers. She simply sent a polite email telling them that she had noticed a specific error and offered her services. It gained her a lot of business.

Work As A Virtual Assistant

In today’s modern business world, more and more tasks are being hired out. Be the person that they hire to do the online things. This is a virtual assistant or Girl Friday. If you have a computer, it’s easy. You can manage websites, type emails, update databases, send out responses to inquiries and more. Charge by the hour or by the task.

Start A Dropship Company

Much in the same fashion as an affiliate marketer, you can start your own dropship company, or you can start a website and sell for another dropship company.

Start An E-commerce Site

There are a variety of e-commerce sites out there that are easy to join in and start up for yourself. Just do a search in your favorite search engine and pick a few out to explore.

Design And Launch Podcasts

There are many people who listen to podcasts. Learn how to design and make them and then sell your services to those who wish to have a podcast done. Once you get the knack for this you can really rake in some extra money.

Sell Handcrafted Items On Etsy

If you have a favorite craft that you do you can set up a page on Etsy and sell your crafts. Etsy will charge you .20 per item per month the month that you post it. Etsy will also process the payments and you’ll give them a small percentage of the final cost of the items that you sell.

Sell Excess Items On eBay

If you’ve recently cleaned house and have a lot of excess items you may wish to consider selling them on eBay. There are many “power sellers” who do this for a living and are making a good amount of money at it. Don’t forget to factor in the shipping when you’re pricing your items.

Sell Excess Items On Craigslist

If you prefer to sell locally you can use a site like Craigslist to sell items. Just remember to only meet in public places and always take someone with you to ensure your safety.

Join A Remote Company

A lot of companies are going remote. Again, go to your favorite search engines and type in “remote companies”. Follow the links to one that you’re interested in. Sign up and start earning some extra cash.

Telecommute From Home To The Office

If you’re already with a company and wish to work from home, set up a “business plan” and then set up a meeting with your boss. Deliver your idea and plan and see if you can’t begin to telecommute from home.

Become A Business Consultant

If you’re knowledgeable about a specific topic, business, or something you can hire yourself out online as a business consultant. You can do one-on-one consulting, group consulting or answer specific questions.

Review Apps

App makers are always seeking someone to review apps before they are fully launched. Become a beta tester and review apps as they come out. You may wind up with some great free perks and you may be paid a small amount of money.

Review Websites

When a website is trying to brand themselves as the “go-to” site. They often pay someone to write a good positive review on their website. If you’re good with words, you could be that person.

Review Blogs

Blogs also wish to brand themselves as a “go-to” site. In the same fashion, you can write a good positive review on blogs and earn some extra money.

Sell Your Photos

If you love to take pictures, take as many as you want and then sell them online to a stock photo company. You can command a lot of money for just a few great shots.

Narrate Audio Books

Narrate audiobooks. If you have a good smooth voice, don’t mind reading out loud, you could narrate audiobooks and earn some extra money.


Instead of publishing your own books, write for someone else and sell the writing as a “ghostwriter”. When you sell your articles and books as a “ghostwriter” you won’t have your name on it. The person is going to buy it from you outright and they will pay you more for all of the rights to the article or book.

Join Amazon MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk has a lot of simple tasks that you can perform for as few as a few cents and upward to several dollars. Sign up and bid for some projects and begin to build up your portfolio and earn some extra cash.

Join A Freelancer Network And Bid For Jobs

Join a freelancer network like Fiverr or Upwork. Bid for jobs on Upwork or write out your own “ad” on Fiverr. You can pick and choose what you can do and set your own hourly prices or price per word. If you are struggling to learn how to do it there are a lot of great articles online for free regarding both sites on how to make it work, earn money and make a good bid.

Sell Your Used Video Games

If you were a product of the 70s or 80s and kept all of your video games, you may be able to sell them online at a variety of websites and earn some extra cash. You could also learn which ones sell well and locate them and buy them and turn around and sell them for slightly more.

Sell Your Used Cds

Old CDs are often in demand. If you have a few lying around that you no longer listen to consider selling them. If you wish, you could also do the same with the CDs as the video games and buy and sell them for a slightly higher price.

Sell Your Used DVDs

Used DVDs are a huge hit in many locations. Buy when you see them, and sell your used DVDs and earn some extra money here as well. You can sell such things on eBay and other sites.

Sell Old Toys

There are many old toys that people are always looking for. Learn which ones go for how much and then keep your eyes open for them. A lot of people are collectors so if you find the right items and the right collector you can earn a lot of money this way. These can be sold on a lot of different websites including eBay and Craigslist.

Play The Stockmarket

If you’re good with the stock market you may wish to buy, sell, and trade the stock market online. There are a lot of people who are earning a living doing just this. Learn the ropes from great articles online, friends and others who are successful at it and you’re in business.

Sell Your Designs For Art On Society 6

Many sites will buy your designs for art. Society 6 is one such site. Show them your designs and sell them. You’ll earn some extra money and have fun while you’re at it.

Create Giftbaskets And Sell Them Online

Perhaps you enjoy making gift baskets for different occasions. Turn this into a business by setting up your own website and showcasing your different gift baskets. Offer to make them for a small fee and then ship them around the country. Be sure that you’re charging competitive pricing so that you’re not getting ripped off and make sure that you charge shipping and handling as well.

Movie Vault

For years Disney has put certain movies into the “vault”. Before they go in, stock up. Then wait a year or two and sell these movies and you’ll earn some money. It’s hard to predict which movies will command the most money, but you can do your best guesstimate by keeping an eye out on reviews and theater statistics on specific movies. Parents who saw a movie as a kid want their kids to see their favorite movies, however, if the movies are locked in the vault, they have to wait until their kids are older and that isn’t what they want to do.

Trending Books

One man made a killing at this one. Schools have “book clubs” where kids can buy books and the like. This particular man noticed that a lot of parents and kids were buying a specific book. So, he ordered several cases of this particular book. He then waited a few weeks after the orders came in and he began to sell the books online on eBay. He was in the post office every day sending out books for over a month. He made several thousand dollars doing this.

Become An Online Pet Therapist

Pets sometimes need therapy too. Video chat as a therapist with a pet. You can do a 30-minute video chat with a pet and discuss their issues with them. Owners can sit in on the chat and help to translate. Yes, people really do earn money doing this.

Become An Online Therapist For People

If you’re certified or really good at helping others you may be able to earn some money doing 30-minute video chats with people or even email therapy. Charge a reasonable fee and you’re on your way to building up your own clientele.

Write Guest Posts

Write guest posts on blogs and websites. You can either barter with them to share your own personal blog or website link, or be paid a nominal fee for your services. Either way, you’re improving your own personal brand and your skills.

Letters From Santa

Rent a post office box or create an email account near the holiday’s and answer letters to Santa. Parents of young children are willing to pay upwards of $25 to $100 for a nice letter to their youngsters from Santa.

You can also do this for the tooth fairy and other fictional childhood characters.


Hire yourself out as a proofreader and grammar checker. Many college students will hire a proofreader and grammar checker to help them ease through exams and dissertations. Charge per page or by the word and help make the corrections that they need so that they can pass their courses.

Online Tax Preparation

If you’re good with taxes you could be an online tax preparer. There are many programs that you can use to proof and ensure that your customers are getting what they pay for. You can also be certified in this (recommended) and earn even more.

Become A Travel Consultant

If you love to travel, become a travel consultant to some of your favorite areas. You can give lists of recommended places to see, places to eat, places to stay and so on. You could also include places to avoid (and why everyone always wants to know why).

Become A Travel Writer

You could also become a travel writer. There are many who will never be able to leave home and travel but want to. They can do a virtual travel trip through your writing and pictures. Armchair travelers will love your work and look forward to your next adventures. You can make short articles on a blog or website, or you can write entire books about your travel adventures.

Write Reviews

Restaurants, hotels, motels, and other places of business rely on word of mouth and great reviews more than anything else. Help spread the word and earn some extra cash by writing reviews on such places. Become a top reviewer and you may even win some free food, free stays and more.

Edit College Admissions Forms

Students seeking to enter college often write essays and fill out a lot of forms to be admitted to the college of their choice. Be that second set of eyes that looks it over and makes any grammar edits.

Sell Textbooks

If you’ve recently graduated from college, you can sell your old textbooks on a variety of websites. You may even be able to pick some of these up in second-hand stores or from former students.

Become A Graphic Artist

If you’re good at graphic art, sell your graphic art online to the highest bidder or offer your services for new companies designing logos, website design layouts and more. The really good ones are making a small fortune.

Flip Domains

Buy domains and flip them after you’ve upgraded them. This is similar to flipping houses except you’re doing it for domains and websites. Generally, it’s just cleaning up the layout and the name and you can flip it and make a profit.

Buy And Sell Domain Names

There are many people out there that want specific domain names for their own personal gain. Find a great niche and buy these domain names up and you can then sell them for a profit.

Become An Online Fitness Trainer

You can create short videos of fitness training or you can consult with people on how to get fit. Either way, you’re going to be improving the health of others.

Start Your Own Online Company

Build up your services and start your own online company. You can design your website and market your own skills and literally write your own paycheck.

Run Corporate Workshops Or Training Sessions

Design and create videos or podcasts for workshops and training sessions for corporate businesses. Whether it’s training for new employees, or a safety video, you can earn a great deal of money doing these videos.

It’s easy to make money online when you choose one or more of these ways to make money online. Mix and match them to your own personal skill set and you’ll be well on your way to earning a full time living from the comfort of your own home.

Start small and work your way up, or jump right in with both feet and you’re sure to find your comfort zone. Be sure to price your services competitively and follow all of your local business laws and regulations when you’re doing any of these tasks.

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