How To Make A Profitable Real Estate Investment That Pays Off

One of the most important investments that you can make in your life is to purchase real estate. This can be a formidable investment, one that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it can be extremely profitable if done properly.

The type of property that you purchase can play a large role in how much money you are able to derive from this investment. You could purchase a single-family home, duplex, or even a vacant lot that will at some point become more valuable.

Whether you decide to invest in a brand-new home, or if you are going to refurbish older homes and flip them, these are viable business opportunities. Let’s discuss the many strategies that you can use to locate your first real estate investment that is going to set you on the path toward making money in the real estate industry.

Why Everyone Should Invest In Real Estate

There are two types of investments that are always going to appreciate over time. One is investing in gold, and the other is through the purchase of real estate. If you look at the price of real estate back in the 1970s, you can see single-family homes that were priced at $30,000.

Since that time, this same home is valued at nearly 10 times that amount after only 1/2 a century. If you were to have purchased 10 homes back then, and you were to have rented them out, these would be free and clear properties.

You may not have invested more than a couple thousand dollars into each one, but your investment would have yielded over a thousand percent interest or more. Therefore, there are very few investments that you can make that will provide you with that much of a return, which is why making an investment in real estate is highly recommended.

Real Estate Investment

Where Do You Begin?

The first thing that you need to do is start looking at available properties. Beginning with neighborhoods in your area, looking at the different listings. You can see how much each home is selling for, and the size of the homes and the lots they are on. You can also do research on the different neighborhoods to find out which ones are the most popular.

Finally, you will want to meet with a couple different realtors so they can start sending you information on homes that you may want to purchase. It should be noted that real estate agents may not be the most important source for this information. You may have to work with people that are selling their homes, or even portfolios of investment properties, on their own. It begins by looking in the local classifieds.

How To Find Great Deals That Are Currently Available

Instead of looking out the real estate listings, you need to open up the classifieds. This is where most investors will begin. They already understand that they are going to save on the commission that would otherwise be paid to the realtor, but it’s not just about that small amount of money.

When a person has one or more homes that they are motivated to sell, and they are advertising, some of them are willing to work a deal. For example, you may find individuals that are willing to carry the note for you instead of requiring you to get a loan from a bank. Others may allow you to do a lease to own option. These are fantastic for many different reasons.

The money that you pay on a monthly basis is actually taken away from the purchase price once you decide to buy it. In addition to this, you can get these for just a small amount of money down. Of course, these deals are few and far between, but it is only a diligent real estate investor that is going to find homes and even apartment complexes that could become very profitable for them.

You Need To Know Why You Are Buying The Property

Before you buy anything, you need to know what your purpose is behind making the purchase. There are usually only two. The first is to purchase a property that you are going to refurbish, usually a property that you were able to obtain for a discounted price, that you are able to flip and sell for a profit. The other possibility is that you are purchasing this home as a long-term investment.

Your goal is to simply get renters into the house so they can begin paying off your mortgage. Over the course of 15 or more years, the loan will be gradually paid off, and you will have a free and clear asset that will be worth far more than you originally paid. Those are the two types of property that you are looking for, but there is one that you should start looking for initially.

How To Find Discount Homes For Sale That You Can Flip

If you have never purchased real estate before, there is a certain pattern that you follow. Assuming that you live in the city where you are going to make these purchases, you need to do a drive-by. Even if you do not understand which neighborhoods of the best, by simply looking at the condition of the property from the street, you can decide on whether or not this will be a good investment.

For example, if you are driving into a neighborhood where there are very nice homes, but the one that is for sale is run down and the yard has not been mowed, this is a property that might be in distress. They might be selling this because they have not made their payments, or perhaps they owe back taxes. Either way, you should be able to make an offer on this property that the seller cannot resist. If they are simply looking to get out from under it, you can make an offer and, if you have a good relationship with the bank, you can get the loan right away.

They will be able to assess the actual value of the home, or what is called the fair market value of the home, and based that loan upon what it should be. You can use that money to then fix up the home, and subsequently flip it after it has been refurbished. The other option that you have is to rent it out. That is something that you will need to decide depending upon what you would prefer doing.

How To Make Money With Your First Real Estate Investment

The very first home that you purchase should be carefully chosen. It should not be the first house that you believe is going to be a fantastic deal. It will be the result of research, and understanding what purpose this house will serve. If you want to make money initially, which is recommended, then the very first home should be a single-family residence that is in a decent neighborhood that can be immediately resold for a profit.

Even if you have no skills in refurbishing homes, you can always find companies that are very good at providing this type of service. They will probably be able to refurbish everything for you within a couple of weeks, and shortly thereafter, you can sell it for tens of thousands of dollars more in order to make your first profit in this industry.

How To Secure Financing

There are three ways that you can secure financing for any home that you would like to purchase. You need to make sure that you can get this financing before you ever make an offer. The first strategy is to use your own personal assets. You may have a large amount of savings or investments that you can draw upon in order to get the money right away.

The second strategy is to work with a local bank or credit union. If you have good credit, and a job that you have been with for years, getting financing is not going to be an issue. However, if you are having problems getting financing, and you are not independently wealthy, you will need to work with a third-party that will be more than willing to provide you with the finances or cosign on loans that you need to take out.

What is interesting about this third option is that you may find it very difficult to find an individual that is thinking outside of the box and is willing to go this extra step. They literally only have to provide you with their signature when cosigning, but this can be one of the largest problems that you ever face. Additionally, if they have the money to invest, most people are not willing to go in this direction. This is especially true if this is your first home ever.

However, if you have already purchased one, and someone is already working with you, you will not believe how many people will come out of seemingly nowhere in order to benefit from all of the hard work that you have done. You need to find that one person that is just like you which is a hard-working innovative individual. You will eventually find someone, a person that is not going to over scrutinize everything, and that is willing to invest their money and generate half the profit.

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How Many Offers Should You Place Every Week?

Once you have secured financing, or you have a partner working with you, you will be ready to make multiple offers every week. It is recommended that you spend at least a couple hours a day sifting through the different listings for real estate. You can make offers on anything that you want to once you have the financing. It’s always good to secure the financing first.

As long as you know that you can access the money if you are taken up on your offer, feel free to make as many offers as you want. Prior to making the offer, it is important to get comps on all of the different sales of homes that have recently occurred. That’s why working with a real estate agent might be beneficial. Although you could secure this information in different ways, by simply working with a single realtor that will help, you can get access to this information about sales of properties and neighborhoods.

If you can determine that the purchase price is low enough, and the price that you will sell it will easily lead to a sale, you need to buy that property now. It’s all about getting that one property first, and once you have done that, you will start to purchase a multitude of properties that will all provide you with some type of positive revenue.

The Benefits Of Having Rental Properties

Until this point, we have been talking about purchasing properties that you can flip for a profit. This is what most people dream about. The ability to simply go in, make a few changes, and generate tens of thousands of dollars in the span of a few weeks. This is what motivates many people to get into real estate. On the other hand, you should be purchasing properties that you are renting out.

If you don’t like to deal with renters, you can work with a company that will manage everything for you. Once you have several rentals, you can look at these as individual assets for your retirement. If you think about it, most people that work at a full-time job will have one or two investments, including their retirement, and that’s what they are going to live off of.

They are limited by how much money they will have when they retire. However, a person that is investing in real estate, and is purchasing a new rental property every couple months, can literally generate as much revenue as they want on their way to retirement, and far beyond if they continue to invest in properties. This is why you should spend equal time looking for properties that you can rent out that will become your nest egg for the future.

Should You Invest In Commercial Properties?

At some point in time, it is imperative that you start to look at commercial properties. You need to consider purchasing apartment complexes, buildings for offices, and even where houses that you can flip or rent out. This is where the big money is in most cases.

People that invest in these properties are able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes more, with a single transaction. However, it’s good to become proficient with smaller properties first. Along the way, you are likely to meet other investors that are not only purchasing single-family homes but they are also adept at purchasing commercial properties.

As you progress forward, keep looking for these real estate investment properties as you see the different listings for single-family homes that are available. You may even consider making an offer on one if you have enough assets to back that type of a purchase. Once you are able to, and you do your first transaction, it’s just going to be like the first time that you purchased your single-family house. You will know what to do, and once you have that experience, you can start to hunt for these commercial properties which may help you become a very wealthy individual.

Should You Consider Taking A Real Estate Course?

When most people start out, they are completely unaware of the documents that they must use, or even how to approach a potential seller. That is where these real estate courses come in. For some people, they are going to focus on becoming a realtor.

They would like to understand the entire process from start to finish, and have a better idea of how to evaluate properties. Additionally, you are going to learn about forms that you are going to use, how to proceed with escrow, and many other things related to this industry. However, you may also want to consider taking courses that have been developed by actual people that have flipped homes, and that are purchasing rental homes, because that’s exactly what you want to do.

If you can, do both. It’s never a bad idea to get a perspective from each side of the fence so to speak. Once you understand how real estate agents work, and you also understand how people that buy and sell homes operate, you will be fully prepared to begin purchasing and selling virtually any type of property that you want.

Will It Take Long To Establish Yourself In This Industry?

There are some people that regard this industry to simply riding a bike. It’s very difficult at first, but once you have your balance, you can do so many different things. Finding your balance in the real estate industry is understanding how to get that very first property. That is your active balance.

It is what will cement within you this knowing that you are able to find these homes, purchase them, and sell them for a much higher price. It also allows you to start developing a vast portfolio of rentals. You have to remember that there are not a lot of people that do this on a regular basis. That means that there are so many homes out there that can be accessed by people that understand how this industry works.

You simply have to jump in, find your bearings, and move toward that first initial purchase. In all likelihood, it’s going to take you at least six months to find your first home and become comfortable with the forms and terminology. From that point forward, however, you are never going to look back because you will be very proficient and profitable in this industry.

Taking This To A Higher Level Of Profitability

Once you have learned how to purchase single-family homes, and you know how to sell or rent them out, you will be ready to advance toward commercial properties. Once you have purchased your first commercial property that you will either sell or keep in your portfolio, you can then move on to the third stage.

There is a much higher level of profitability for people that can move into large scale investments. In this particular case, we are talking about purchasing large buildings. Even though you may have become very good at getting single-family homes and apartment complexes, you need to move into purchasing buildings and major cities. This is something that will require a little bit of research, but just like making your initial purchases before, you can initially find your first one and make a substantial amount of money. Each one of these transactions is going to be for multiple millions of dollars.

When you refurbish that building, and flip it, you are going to make millions with your transaction. It would literally take several homes and apartment complexes to equal what one sale would be by simply finding a distressed building that you can refurbish and sell on the open market. The other possibility is that once you have refurbished it, if it is in an area where people are looking for office space, you could be making five figures to six figures from each person that is leasin from you.

You would literally have a seven-figure income that will originate from this one building that you decided to purchase, refurbish, and lease out to other businesses. This is where the big money is and if you are able to get into purchasing these larger commercial buildings, you will never regret making this decision. There are only a handful of people that do this, and you will become one of them once you understand how the system works.

In conclusion, purchasing real estate can represent what may become the most profitable investment that you will ever make. This is going to outclass the stock market, bonds, and even commodities. This is a very stable investment, evidenced by how incredibly cheap houses were just decades ago, now priced significantly higher than the original purchase price.

If you really want to make money with a business that is sustainable, buying and selling real estate is what you need to do. Simply start small with single-family homes and apartment complexes, and gradually move into large commercial buildings, if you really want to generate a sizable revenue. You can start today by taking a course on how to buy and sell real estate, preferably presented by someone who has been doing this for years or decades.

This will give you the foundation that you need to move forward with confidence. It all starts with making your first real estate investment and flipping it for a profit. Begin your path toward becoming a successful real estate investor today.

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