Most profitable digital product ideas. You don’t necessarily need to sell tangible goods if you want to get into the world of e-commerce. Instead, you can sell digital assets. One of the biggest advantages of digital products is that you can sell the products you create over and over again. Your upfront costs are lower, which means the potential for profit is higher.

Of course, before you can start selling digital assets, you’ll need to find the right digital product ideas. If you’re in need of inspiration, these suggestions will get you off to a solid start.

best digital product ideas

Stock Photos

Bloggers, journalists, and people that work for other types of sites are in need of photos that they can use for their content. If you have a camera and some photography skills, you can take and sell a wide range of stock photos that people can use.

You can sell these products directly on your site, or you can sell photos through sites with a large library of stock photos. No matter what you choose to do, stock photos can be a fantastic source of income. The more photos you take, the more you’ll be willing to learn.

Workshops and Classes

It’s no longer necessary to be in a classroom in order to learn. People can learn all kinds of skills in online workshops or classes. If you have a skill that you can teach to others, you can create a course that people will enrol in.

You can offer live classes, or you can create a course that people can participate at any time. While it will take a lot of time and effort to put together a course, you’ll be able to profit on those efforts over and over again. Create a course that you know there will be demand for!


If you’re trying to think of digital product ideas, you should start taking a closer look at the digital media you interact with every day. Fonts are an essential part of the way that we communicate online, but they’re something that can easily be overlooked.

If you have the skills to create a font yourself, you can sell that font to others. You can charge more for fonts that people can use commercially. There are a number of online marketplaces where you can sell fonts, and you can also sell a font on your own website.


People spend a lot of time on mobile devices, and a lot of that time is spent using apps. Both Apple and Android have huge marketplaces where apps can be sold. If you explore these marketplaces, you’ll find many different types of apps available, including games, educational apps, and even apps that are designed to complement websites.

You can release a free app and monetize it via advertisements or a subscription service, or you can sell your app for a reasonable price. No matter what path you choose to take, apps are one of the most popular digital assets to sell online.

Video Games

The video game market has exploded in recent years. Even though video games have been popular for decades, they’re currently more popular than they ever have been. Today, you can release games for computers, consoles, or even mobile devices.

Creating a video game isn’t necessarily easy. While there are all kinds of tools that can help with game development, it still takes time, knowledge, and skills to bring an idea to life. Still, if game development is something that you’re passionate about, you could make this into a side project or a full-time career.


Podcasts are a popular source of entertainment, and they’re also a terrific option if you’re looking for digital product ideas. There are all kinds of different ways you can monetize a podcast. Many podcasts charge for subscribers, and many others make money through advertising.

You may not be able to charge for your podcast initially. If you start out with a free podcast, you’ll be able to build an audience as time goes on. From there, you can find a way to turn your podcast into a steady source of profit for you.


Whether people are building a resume, launching a blog, or creating a website, they don’t necessarily want to do all the work from scratch. You can get the ball rolling by creating a template that people can use. Templates are designed to be customizable, which means people will be able to take your work and make it feel their own.

Templates can save a lot of time, and because of that, they’re something that a lot of people are happy to pay for. If you have the skills to create a template, you should capitalize on that and see what you can come up with!

Newsletters have long been a popular source of entertainment and information. If you’ve taken the time to create a newsletter, you may be able to profit off of it. Subscription-based newsletters are becoming increasingly popular.

If you already have an established audience, and you’re looking for an effective way to turn that office into a revenue stream, a newsletter is a terrific choice. If you work to create an entertaining, informative, and engaging newsletter, you’ll get positive word of mouth, which will help you to attract even more subscribers.

Diet and Exercise Plans

Many people want to lead a healthier lifestyle, but they don’t know how to get started. The health and wellness market is massive, and it’s likely that it will only continue to grow over time. If you’ve taken the time to build a diet and exercise plan, you can bundle that knowledge and sell a package.

The more informative your plan is, the better. If you’re able to include things like easy, healthy recipes and meal plans, you’ll be able to help people to change the way they eat, even if they’ve struggled in the past. Not only will you be able to make money, but you’ll be able to help other people build a healthier and happier life!


digital product ebooks

The e-book market is massive, and it’s likely that it will only continue to grow as time goes on. From how-to books to works of fiction, there are all kinds of e-books that are being sold online. While Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces for e-books, you can also sell e-books on your own site.

It takes time to write and format an e-book, but if you have an audience for that book, it’s more than worth the effort. It’s no longer necessary to find a publisher in order to share your work with the world. If you have something you want to publish, you can easily do it yourself. While you can sell longer books, there’s also a market for short stories, novellas, and short guides. When you’re selling an e-book, it can be any length that you want it to be.


Not only is there a big market for e-books, but there’s a lot of demand for books that people can listen to. You could create audiobook versions of your e-books, or you could release audiobooks exclusively. You may even be able to create audiobook versions of works that are in the public domain. Just make sure you consult with a lawyer to ensure that there are no rights issues.

Creating audiobooks is more work than simply recording yourself reading out loud. You’ll need the proper recording equipment, and you’ll need to learn to read in a way that’s easy for others to understand. If you’re up to the challenge, however, it’s likely that you’ll find a wide audience for the audiobooks that you record.


From calendars to worksheets to coloring pages, there are all kinds of printables that you can easily create and sell. What’s great about printables is that you can choose to sell them in a variety of ways. You can allow people to purchase a printable bundle. You can sell them individually. You can even create a subscription service that provides unlimited access to all of the printables that you’ve created.

Printables can be very useful, and there is a market for all kinds of different printables. If you’ve ever created a printable for yourself, why not put your work to good use and create a printable that you can sell to others too?


It isn’t always easy to read tone through text, but thankfully, emojis make it easier for people to express themselves to others. While there are emojis that are available to use for free, people are happy to pay for emojis that feel a little more distinctive and unique.

Typically, emojis are sold in a set. You’ll need to create your own version of some of the most popular emojis, such as a smiley face, a winking face, and a laughing emoji. If you’re up to the task, you can create a set of emojis that all kinds of people will want to use.


Plugins are a software addition that allows you to customize the experience you have with a program, browser, content management system, and more. Plugins can add new features and functionality or solve a common problem. If you have an idea for a plugin, there’s a good chance that there’s demand for it.

Whether you create a plugin from scratch or hire someone to create a plugin that you can sell, this is a digital product there’s likely to be a lot of demand for. People rely on plugins to work, browse the web, and carry out many other tasks.

Lightroom Presets

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular programs for photo editing. Although Lightroom offers a great deal of customization, the photo editing process can also take time. Thankfully, Adobe allows you to save presets so that you can use them again and again.

Not only can you use these presets yourself, but you can share them with others. If you’ve taken the time to create great presets, why not capitalize on those efforts by selling them? If you have a presence on a photo sharing site like Instagram, it’s likely that there’s already an audience of people that would be happy to buy your presets.

With the right digital product ideas, you’ll be able to create a passive stream of revenue for yourself. There’s no reason to limit yourself to one type of product. Experiment with different ideas so that you can find the solution that best works for you. It’s likely that the demand for digital products will only increase as time goes on.